Moreen O'Brien Maser Memorial Collection (Skidmore College)

Temple of Amun, First Court, Temple of Ramesses II (detail: Osiride statues of Ramesses III with Moreen Maser in the foreground). c. 1187 BCE - c. 1156 BCE. Image and original data provided by Skidmore College.

Artstor has partnered with the Visual Resources Collections at Skidmore College's Lucy Scribner Library to digitize approximately 850 images of Pre-Columbian objects and sites from the Southwest United States, Central America, South America, Europe, and Egypt. These images were selected from a collection of over 8,000 slides created by alumna Moreen O'Brien Maser (Class of 1926). From 1938-1970, Maser traveled with her husband, Herman, to various archaeological sites and modern cities in the American Southwest, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Greece, Italy, and Egypt. Of particular note are the Mesoamerican images, which provide documentary evidence for sites that have been more fully excavated and/or damaged due to environmental and human degradation since being photographed by the Masers more than 50 years ago. Skidmore College also maintains the Moreen O'Brien Maser Memorial Collection of Art, a collection of Pre-Columbian and Asian ethnographic objects at theFrances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery.