Rob Linrothe: Tibetan and Buddhist Art

Stupa, late 20th century. Guomar (sgo dmar) monastery, Amdo, Qinghai province, Tibet. Photograph © Rob Linrothe. Image provided by Skidmore College.

Artstor is collaborating Rob Linrothe to share 9,000 images of Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian monuments, field photography, and architecture in the Digital Library. The collection has a strong focus on Tibetan sites, particularly petroglyphs, stupas, and monasteries in the Ladakh and Zangskar regions. Linrothe has also photographed the architecture and sculpture of monuments such as Borobudur in Indonesia and Sanchi in India.

Rob Linrothe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art History at Northwestern University. He received his Ph.D. in art history from the University of Chicago and specializes in Buddhist art of the Himalayas. His recent fieldwork has focused on pre-modern mural painting in the Ladakh and Zangskar regions of Western Tibet (northwest India), as well as the contemporary revival of monastic painting in the Amdo province of Eastern Tibet (China). Linrothe was previously an Associate Professor of Art History at Skidmore College, where he collaborated with the Visual Resources Collections college's Lucy Scribner Library to digitize and share his collection of slides with Artstor. In his current position, Linrothe will work with the Digital Collections department at Northwestern University Library to share additional content in the Digital Library.