African and African-American Studies

This page highlights Artstor content related African and African-American experiences, traditions, and cultural heritage, which are documented by images of cultural objects, art works, important events, and key historical figures.
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Did you know?

You can discover the complete Migration Series by Jacob Lawrence (1917–2000) in Artstor. Executed in 1940–1941, this 60-panel cycle documents the migration of African-Americans from the impoverished rural South to the industrial cities of the North and Midwest starting in World War I. In 1942, the series was split between two institutions, with The Phillips Collection acquiring the odd-numbered panels and The Museum of Modern Art purchasing the even-numbered works. The entire series is reunited in Artstor and may be viewed alongside photographic documentation of the installation of the full cycle for the exhibition, “Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series,” which took place at The Museum of Modern Art from January–April 1995.

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