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This page highlights Artstor content related to the history and culture of Latin America, including images of works of art and architecture, from traditional forms to contemporary works, as well as photographs of historical events and figures.

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Did you know?

Douglas Massey (Princeton University) and Jorge Durand (University of Guadalajara) have shared images of retablos, which they photographed for the book, Miracles on the Border: Retablos of Mexican Migrants to the United States (University of Arizona Press, 1995). Massey and Durand examined these contemporary examples of traditional religious folk art as sources of sociological data for the experiences of Mexican migrants to the United States. The archive from the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation contains approximately 550 personal photographs and photo collages. These include snapshots of the artists’ family and friends, such as Diego Rivera, and travel photographs taken during the couple’s journeys to Latin America, which deeply influenced their respective work and inspired them to collect Pre-Columbian art and textiles. Taken between 1934 and 1967, the photographs record visits to cities and archaeological sites throughout Chile, Mexico, and Peru. 

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