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Right: Rob Stevenson; photographer: Susan Speak, Diamond-backed Terrapin; detail, 2003. UMASS Boston; Field Guide of Biodiversity Images, Photographic credit: Susan Speak. Left: Gian Giacomo Macchiavelli, La Divina commedia di Dante Alighieri con tavole in rame, 1821. Cornell University Library: Fiske Dante Collection RIGHT: ROB STEVENSON; PHOTOGRAPHER: SUSAN SPEAK, DIAMOND-BACKED TERRAPIN; DETAIL, 2003. UMASS BOSTON; FIELD GUIDE OF BIODIVERSITY IMAGES, PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDIT: SUSAN SPEAK. LEFT: GIAN GIACOMO MACCHIAVELLI, LA DIVINA COMMEDIA DI DANTE ALIGHIERI CON TAVOLE IN RAME, 1821. DIVISION OF RARE AND MANUSCRIPT COLLECTIONS, CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY: FISKE DANTE COLLECTION

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