Manage, catalog, and share

Broaden the reach of your collections

Artstor’s Shared Shelf is an enterprise-wide media management solution that enables institutions to upload, catalog, and share their digital collections. Users can easily manage a library’s special collection, a retiring faculty member’s lifelong work, student project videos, and more. Collections are discoverable alongside the Digital Library’s content throughout your institution, and may be shared with other institutions or published to the Open Web via Shared Shelf Commonsthe Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), or your own Omeka site.




Build, customize, and manage your Shared Shelf projects

  • Facilitate project configuration with administrative tools
  • Easily manage user permissions by assigning specific roles and restricting access
  • Enable multiple users to work simultaneously on projects
  • Free training and user support 

Access and preserve your multimedia content

  • Support for different media types including video, audio, documents, and images
  • Preservation support for source files and associated data following the National Digital Stewardship Alliance's suggested guidelines

Nothing to install, no local storage necessary

  • Access and manage your collections anywhere without local technical infrastructure or administration


Create richer data records, more efficiently

  • Bulk editing tools
  • Work record support
  • Copy and paste functionality (record and field level)
  • Advanced searching, sorting, and grouping of records
  • Easy access and use of Getty vocabularies, AAT, TGN, and ULAN, which are integrated into Shared Shelf Names

Easily catalog all types of content

  • Customizable cataloging screens to support novice and expert users
  • Metadata templates based on a flattened version of VRA Core 4.0 or Dublin Core, both of which can be customized and extended
  • Develop entirely new schemas to support marketing, communications, natural history, science, and medical content
  • Full size, zoomable image available in cataloging screen
  • Import and export of metadata in Excel with future support for XML (custom migration services also available. Learn more)


  • Publish collections into a robust discovery workspace that provides a single point of access to your local content and the Artstor Digital Library's 2+ million images in the arts and sciences
  • Publish and promote your content on Shared Shelf Commons, an open-access library of digital media
  • Set viewing and download size of published images
  • Create curated digital exhibitions using the Omeka plugin
  • Use Artstor's Open API to publish to an institutional repository or OAI harvesting to publish to a discovery platform
  • Collaborate with the community through shared name and work records


Download the Shared Shelf White Paper and read four case studies conducted by an independent firm.
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Need help getting started?

Shared Shelf’s administrative tools allow you to create projects, set up collection publishing targets, and manage roles so users can begin cataloging and sharing collections. We offer extensive online training sessions to support users at all levels. 

Artstor also offers customized support services including project set up, data migration, image and multimedia file uploading services. Talk to us about what you would like to accomplish and we will provide a custom quote.  Simply contact us or speak to your account representative.