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Fees for Shared Shelf

As a nonprofit endeavor, Shared Shelf fees are intended to cover the ongoing operational cost of hosting institutional content and sustaining the maintenance and development of the Shared Shelf infrastructure.

Shared Shelf's new tiered pricing incorporates classification, service, and storage costs in one annual fee, providing more predictability and value and promoting more opportunity for your institution's collection growth. Select your institution's classification from the drop down menu below to learn about the different storage levels and corresponding fees.

Consortia Fees:
Our consortial discount rates make managing digital image and multimedia projects with Shared Shelf even more affordable:

When aggregated group fees reach:* Basic consortial discount
$15,000 5%
$25,000 7.5%
$50,000 10%
$100,000 15%

Discount is based on total consortial revenue and applies to all participating member institutions, regardless of subscription level (full Shared Shelf or discounted Network Access **). The consortia's central office receives a complimentary allotment of 500GB of space for managing and sharing the consortia's content with participating member institutions.

Services for migrating legacy data and media files are also available.

Contact us for a fee estimate
Library Relations
151 East 61st Street
New York, NY 10065
Tel: +1.866.248.2691 (Toll-free, USA only)
Tel: +1.212.500.2421
Fax: +1.212.500.2401

* There must be at least two participating institutions to remain eligible for consortial discounts.
** Shared Shelf's Network Access Subscription is available for institutions interested in only accessing a consortium's shared collections: For 25% of the lntro level fee, institutions can search the consortium's media collections. The subscription includes the ability to upload and manage up to 500 assets to shaSre internally or with the group. Network Access Subscription fees count toward the consortium total. Network Access Licenses may be converted to a full Shared Shelf subscription if an institution would like to manage additional content.

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