Becoming a Subscriber: Colleges and Universities Outside the United States

Classification & Fees

Artstor is available for subscription in all countries and territories globally.

If your institution does not work with one of the organizations listed below, please contact us to determine your classification and fees.

Country Contact Guidelines
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico Please contact Accucoms at

For institutions in other Latin American countries, please contact us.
Australia, New Zealand For members of CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians) or CONZUL (Council of New Zealand University Librarians), please contact Diane Costello at
Canada Members of the CRKN (Canadian Research Knowledge Network), please contact Eva Jurczyk at
Italy Members of CINECA, please contact Antonio Balducci at
Japan Please contact Maruzen Company Ltd at
Pakistan If you are affiliated with the Higher Education Commission, please contact Syeda Tamkanat at
Russian Federation Members of the NEICON (National Electronic Information Consortium), please contact Irina Razumova at
South Africa Members of the South African National Library and Information Consortium, please contact Nora Buchanan at
South Korea Please contact Britney Lee of Shinwon Datanet at
Switzerland Members of the Consortium of Swiss Academic Libraries, please contact Deborah Kyburz at
Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong Please contact FlySheet Info-Aggregate Services Co. Ltd. at
Turkey Please contact Gemini Ltd.Sti. at
United Kingdom Artstor has chosen to follow the special banding system already established by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). Please contact us for further participation information.


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License Agreement

View the entire Artstor Digital Library International License Agreement in PDF format. You may then print or save this document.

Once the agreement is signed, please send 2 original copies to the address below (one Artstor countersigned copy will be returned to you). If you wish to accelerate the process, please also scan/email or fax us a copy of the agreement.

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Highlights of Artstor's Digital Library License Agreement

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