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Torres Strait Islander people; MaskThe Artstor Digital Library is a nonprofit resource that provides over 1.8 million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences with an accessible suite of software tools for teaching and research. Our community-built collections comprise contributions from outstanding international museums, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, and artists and artists' estates.

The Digital Library serves educators, scholars, curators, librarians, and students at more than 1,500+ universities, community colleges, museums, libraries, and K-12 schools in 48 countries worldwide. Collections are used for teaching and study in a wide range of subject areas, including art, architecture, music, religion, anthropology, literature, world history, American Studies, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, and more.

The Artstor Digital Library is available by subscription to nonprofit organizations, and fees help sustain the ongoing maintenance and development of the collections and software. Institutions typically enter a site-wide license through their library and access is granted through IP authentication. Site licenses allow unlimited numbers of simultaneous users to access the Digital Library, both onsite and remotely In addition, our dedicated support team and online training program are available to address all questions.

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Image credits

Torres Strait Islander people; Mask; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Artstor ID# AMICO_METRO_103825482

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