Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (CCC)


Chinese Culture Center of San FranciscoARTstor and Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (CCC) are collaborating to celebrate the achievement of nine artists whose work CCCArts, the Foundation's visual arts program, calls "among the most innovative artistic expressions today." Approximately 500 images will be made available in the Digital Library that explore the rich cultural nexus between tradition and innovation.

Founded in 1965, the Chinese Culture Foundation's goal is to "promote and influence the course of art and culture, contributing to the global discourse with crucial impact." CCCArts challenges perceptions and encourages risk-taking by bringing critical visibility through open dialogue.

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Collection information

Total size of collection* 462
Percentage of completion 100%

* Image totals should be regarded as an approximation until a given collection is 100% complete. Users should also bear in mind that the number of images available to them may vary from country to country, reflecting ARTstor’s approach to addressing an international copyright landscape that itself varies from country to country.

Last updated: May 27, 2014

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