As part of our continued effort to increase the convenience of accessing the ARTstor Digital Library, we have developed an XML gateway to facilitate the metasearching of ARTstor content. Many of our participating institutions have implemented metasearch engines that allow users to search multiple electronic resources using a single interface and have requested that ARTstor facilitate similar functionality. In response, ARTstor created an XML gateway that provides both a stable, standardized method for querying the ARTstor Digital Library, as well as a technique for retrieving search results that can be easily utilized by a metasearch program. Please see <metaserching> in our public website for more information.

The ARTstor XML Gateway is currently is production with Exlibris. Additional partners not yet in production include WebFeat, Serials Solutions’ Central Search, and CSA. For a complete list of all our current partners, please see the Metasearch Partner Contact Information Page located in the Technology section of our website. If you know of an organization or vendor that we should contact to facilitate metasearching, please contact us.

If you have any questions about these new developments, please do not hesitate to contact User Services. We can be reached Monday through Friday by email at or by phone at 888.278.0079.