Canyonlights World Art Image Bank and ARTstor announced today that they had reached an agreement to collaborate on the digitization and distribution through ARTstor of nearly 3,000 high quality digital images from the rich Canyonlights archive of original photography. As an art historian and photographer, Susan Silberberg-Peirce of Canyonlights has been professionally documenting ancient sites – especially throughout the Mediterranean region, as well as in Europe and the American Southwest – for 20 years. Her slides and photographs of Megalithic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval, and Southwest Native American sites are widely used in teaching and research in universities and museums throughout America, Canada, and Europe, and have frequently been published in reference books and journals; many are also available as photographic prints. These images will significantly enhance ARTstor’s value to teachers as well as scholars.

As part of this collaboration, ARTstor will also sponsor a 2006 photographic campaign in the American Southwest, intended to help Canyonlights expand and deepen its already strong documentation of both Prehistoric and Native American sites, especially thoughout New Mexico.

In reaching this agreement, Dr. Susan Silberberg-Peirce of Canyonlights and Max Marmor, ARTstor’s Director of Collection Development, expressed their shared enthusiasm in collaborating to use digital technologies to make these high quality images of art works, architectural monuments and archeological sites more broadly available for noncommercial educational and scholarly purposes. “As a scholar and professor, I am acutely aware of the educational community’s need for high quality images. As a photographer, I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my documentation with a wider audience through ARTstor’s distinguished portal,” comments Dr. Silberberg-Peirce. “Our new partnership with Canyonlights represents an important milestone in ARTstor’s ongoing effort to provide teachers, scholars and students with high-quality digital images, especially images that document key archeological and architectural monuments and sites. Susan Silberberg-Peirce’s images have been widely used by teachers and scholars in slide form, and we are delighted to help make them available now online as well,” adds Marmor. “We are especially excited at the prospect of working with Canyonlights in an ongoing way to further develop both their already extraordinarily rich archives and ARTstor’s growing library of digital art images.”

Canyonlights has been, for many years, a key source of high quality art images for teaching, research and publication, with special strengths in the documentation of archeological and architectural monuments and sites in the Mediterranean region (Megalithic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Turkish sites), in Great Britain (Megalithic and Medieval sites), and in the Southwestern United States (both Prehistoric and Native American sites). In addition to its archive of original slides and photographs, which is the focus of the present collaboration, Canyonlights also represents a number of European and Australian museums and vendors.