ARTstor is pleased to announce a new initiative that is designed to help museum education departments work with K-12 teachers in their communities as a means of integrating the study of works of art into arts education, mathematics, social studies, language arts, and science curricula. Museum education departments at participating museums will be able to create presentations using images of art works and other materials depicted in the ARTstor Library. The presentations can be stored on the OIV tool, an offline presentation tool created by ARTstor, and then given to K-12 teachers working with those museum education departments for use in the classroom.

Museum education departments and teachers accessing images of art works through OIV can zoom in on images, display images together to compare and contrast individual images, view the data associated with the images, and create classroom presentations with the images. K-12 teachers using the OIV images do not have to be at institutions participating in ARTstor. Instead, teachers will be able to obtain OIV presentations from museum education departments. To obtain the OIV presentations, teachers will need to follow a few simple steps. We hope this initiative, which has been prompted by feedback from museum educators, will facilitate the work of museum education departments with teachers in their communities, and will help develop the visual thinking skills of K-12 students.

If you have any further questions about how you can get involved please contact our Director of Museum Relations, Nancy Allen, at