JSTOR and ARTstor would like to announce the availability of a prototype which aims to facilitate searching across the archived content in JSTOR and the image content in ARTstor. The JSTOR/ARTstor Search Prototype is available in the JSTOR Sandbox, an area of the JSTOR website used to showcase possible new features and to gather feedback to help direct future development of JSTOR.
The JSTOR/ARTstor Search Prototype allows JSTOR users to conduct a basic search across three types of content: JSTOR article text, JSTOR image caption text, and ARTstor image metadata. After conducting a search, users are presented with search results separated into three tabs:

  • The Articles tab lists JSTOR search results for matches in journal article text.
  • The Images from Articles tab shows results of a JSTOR caption search, and includes thumbnails of each article page containing an image with a keyword match in the image caption.*
  • The ARTstor Images tab lists results of matches for the keyword or phrase in ARTstor image metadata. The search is performed on the creator, title, and subject terms of the metadata.

Users at sites that participate in both JSTOR and ARTstor will be able to view thumbnails of ARTstor images, and may link directly from JSTOR to content in ARTstor. Users at institutions which are not currently ARTstor participating sites may view ARTstor image metadata in the search results but will not see.

The main goal of featuring prototypes in the JSTOR Sandbox is to assess their value to JSTOR users. We encourage you to try the prototypes and send us your feedback via the “Comment on this feature” link on any Sandbox page.

*To date, JSTOR has acquired captions for approximately 65% of the titles held in the archive, and is continuing to capture them retroactively. As a result, caption searching will be less successful for archive content digitized before 2002 (including all Arts & Sciences I journals), when JSTOR first began to acquire caption text. Captions have been acquired for images in all Language & Literature, Architecture & Architectural History, and Art & Art History journals, as well as the journal Science.