ARTstor recently sponsored a photographic campaign by Rob Wilkinson and Colleen Chartier of ART on FILE — a primary supplier of images to libraries and visual resources collections supporting teaching programs in contemporary architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and public art. This sponsored campaign was focused on contemporary architecture in the western United States.

As one fruit of this important partnership, ARTstor and ART on FILE have now reached an agreement to digitize afresh, at very high resolution, the entire ART on FILE archive of images which will be made available as part of the ARTstor Digital Library. ARTstor is also pleased to announce that it is sponsoring further photographic campaigns on the part of Rob and Colleen, both here and abroad, beginning with a campaign devoted to the theme of sustainable architecture.

Rob Wilkinson of ART on FILE speaks to the value of this partnership when he says: “This partnership will allow us more time to document projects thoroughly, to broaden the range of projects we photograph and to build more comprehensively our collection with some of the most outstanding new buildings and public spaces in the United States and overseas.” Max Marmor, ARTstor’s Director of Collection Development, affirms the importance ARTstor’s collaborations with ART on FILE. “ART on FILE is a preeminent source of high quality teaching images of contemporary architecture and public art. Rob Wilkinson and Colleen Chartier know these subjects and they capture these works uniquely well. We at ARTstor are thrilled to have established a multi-faceted partnership with our friends at ART on FILE, through which we will be able both to extend the reach of their existing archive by including it within ARTstor and to support their ongoing work.”

ART on FILE images are produced by photographers Rob Wilkinson and Colleen Chartier. Their images have appeared in most national and international design magazines, text books and newspaper journals throughout the world.