We are pleased to announce the release of larger downloads for approximately 100,000 images in the ARTstor digital library. This new download capacity is part of ARTstor’s ongoing effort to facilitate broad access to digital images for teaching and scholarship. Users will be permitted to download large images (many at 1024 pixels on the long side) for use in classroom presentations and for other noncommercial, educational uses in a variety of software environments. Users can download ARTstor and local images up to 3200 pixels for offline classroom presentations by using the ARTstor Offline Image Viewer (OIV). Users wishing to download ARTstor images outside of the OIV software — for use in PowerPoint for example — are now able to download some images up to 1024 pixels on the long side.

To date, ARTstor has limited the size of all images that can be downloaded outside of the ARTstor software environment to 400 pixels on the long side. This restriction has been in place as part of our ongoing effort to balance the interests of content owners — who often expressed concerns about downloading — with the needs of ARTstor users in accessing these images for pedagogy and research. Ongoing conversations with many of our content providers have confirmed their sense of ARTstor as a trusted, shared space for the study and use of digital images and this allows us to provide greater access to larger downloads. This means that some images will be available for larger downloads while other images will continue to have the current downloading restrictions.

The availability of large downloads has unavoidably been determined on an image-by-image basis, not a collection-by-collection basis. Images that were originally made available in reliance on fair use or other educational exceptions will continue to be restricted. We will continue to have discussions with our existing and future content partners to encourage them to permit greater access to larger downloadable images for your use in teaching, research and presentation.

While we believe this development will prove helpful to those users who have expressed interest in downloading images outside of the Offline Image Viewer, we continue to recommend the use of the OIV, both because of the uniformly large downloads it permits and because of its features which allow users to easily mix local content with ARTstor images, zoom in on details and other functions that are expressly designed to support the needs of teachers and students working with digital images.