ARTstor recently announced an important collaboration with the University of Michigan and the American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA). Through this partnership, ARTstor proposed to make available to ARTstor users the more than 12,000 images of the ACSAA Color Slide Project, familiar to all teachers of the art and architecture of Southern Asia.

The first fruits of this collaboration were made available to ARTstor users in September 2006. They included approximately 5,000 images. We are pleased to announce that the project is now complete, and that an additional 7,000 images from the ACSAA collection are now available to ARTstor users, bringing the total number of ACSAA images to 12,186.

To browse these new images, please click on “Image Gallery” from the ARTstor “Welcome Page” and then select “ACSAA Collection (University of Michigan).” Or simply search the keyword “ACSAA.”