We have received many questions and great feedback about the new PowerPoint import feature in the OIV 2.6. If you have tried this feature, or are just learning about it for the first time, these tips will help your PowerPoint presentations look just as good in the OIV as they do in PowerPoint!

When you import a PowerPoint presentation, the slides may look smaller than full-screen. PowerPoint slides are actually created and saved at a smaller size than your computer screen, 720×540 pixels by default. OIV slides, on the other hand, are at least 1024×768 pixels. If you increase the size of the PowerPoint slides before importing them into the OIV, they will take up the full screen. With your presentation open in PowerPoint, simply go to File -> Page Setup. Here you can change the size of the PowerPoint slides; we recommend 24 inches by 18 inches. Save your PowerPoint presentation then import it into the OIV.

In addition, some images may seem smaller in the OIV than they do in your PowerPoint presentation. You can enlarge the image in the OIV slides by right-clicking on an image in the Slide Editor, then choosing “Fit to frame.” This will enlarge the image and your slide will have the same proportions as it did in PowerPoint.