An updated version of the Offline Image Viewer is now available for download. After the initial release of OIV 2.6 in July 2006, users sent us feedback including enhancement requests and reported bugs. These enhancements and bugs have been addressed in a newly released version of the OIV. OIV version 2.6.1 includes the following enhancements and big-fixes:

  • Image compatibility with Progressive JPEGs and images imported as PowerPoint slide backgrounds.
  • Ability to add ARTstor Personal Notes, Instructor Commentary, and complete Personal Collection metadata to text boxes on presentation slides.
  • Resolution of reported intermittent problems with text and image save functions.
  • Updates to the Mac version that address problems with OIV incorrectly detecting multiple monitors, OIV quitting unexpectedly during presentations, and certain Mac keyboard shortcuts not functioning.

If you have experienced any of these bugs, or simply wish to avoid encountering them, we recommend that you install this updated version. OIV 2.6.1 is available for download in the ARTstor Digital Library and can be found in the “Tools” toolbar menu. Please note that for PC users, the installation of the Windows version of OIV 2.6.1 will require that you de-install all previous versions of OIV 2.5 or 2.6 on your computer.

For additional information, or help with installing OIV 2.6.1, please contact ARTstor User Services (; 888.278.0079). As always, OIV users may attend regularly scheduled OIV training sessions at