We are delighted to join the Trustees and staff of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation in enthusiastic support for the selection of Max Marmor to be the Foundation’s next President. To all of us at ARTstor (and probably to people throughout the art history community), it is clear that the Kress Trustees could not have found a more thoughtful and dedicated leader for such an important organization. Max, who has been with ARTstor from the outset, has provided the central vision for ARTstor’s formative collections and, more broadly, has been integral to the development of the organization and its work. Max has agreed to serve as a Senior Advisor at ARTstor, which will allow him to continue to provide important guidance on the development of collection strategy for ARTstor, and we anticipate working with the community about future approaches to collections on an ongoing basis.

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation has found in Max someone who is thoroughly learned, principled, and dedicated to the very highest standards of art historical research, scholarship, and teaching. Max understands not only the fruits of scholarly work, but the resources, logistical realities, and institutional partnerships that enable research and pedagogy to thrive. But beyond his wisdom, experience, and good judgment, Max is a wonderful colleague and friend. We congratulate him on his important new position, will continue to enjoy his counsel, and will miss his daily presence greatly.

Should you have questions about this announcement, please contact Gretchen Wagner at 212 500-2400.