The ARTstor Digital Library contains images image collections from across many time periods and cultures that have the depth, breadth, and coherence to support a wide range of educational and scholarly activities. ARTstor contains 500,000 images and is constantly growing. However, due to the uniqueness of each individual’s image needs, the Digital Library will never have every image an educator or scholar needs to do their work. Because of this need for unique content, faculty should have the ability to create lectures that utilize both ARTstor images and images from individual personal image collections or local collections.

To support this type of activity, we have developed Personal Collections. Personal Collections allow instructor-level users to integrate their own personal images with those in the ARTstor Digital Library. Instructors may create their own Personal Collection in ARTstor by uploading images onto ARTstor’s image servers. In this way, instructors can use their own images alongside ARTstor images – viewing, searching, saving them into groups, and sharing them with students and colleagues.

Personal Collections are enabled at each institution by a local ARTstor administrator through a simple online tool. Local administrators may enable Personal Collections in three ways: for all users with instructor-level privileges, for only selected instructors, or they may disable the feature entirely. We understand that every institution is unique and requires the flexibility to utilize this feature in accordance with its own policies. Personal Collections create an opportunity for ARTstor administrators and faculty to discuss intellectual property rights and share institutional standards for uploading images to web-based environments. Recently, we improved Personal Collections features and created additional online tools to enhance faculty use of Personal Collections:

  • File storage limit is increased from 500 MB to 1 GB for every instructor level user.
  • MP3 files are now supported in Personal Collections and we are actively working on supporting other media.
  • Metadata upload feature is now available which allows users to upload XML formatted cataloging information for each image in their Personal Collection.

We encourage all ARTstor participating institutions to examine the features and tools provided through ARTstor Personal Collections We hope Personal Collections provide a useful online environment for instructors to manage their personal digital images together with images selected from the ARTstor Digital Library.

ARTstor User Services is available to answer any questions or discuss concerns you may have about implementing this feature at your institution,

ARTstor User Services
Phone: 888.278.0079 or 212.500.2400