ARTstor User Services has received inquiries from our users about the compatibility of ARTstor with IE 7, the newest version of Internet Explorer. ARTstor is compatible with IE 7, however users may notice display problems which cause the ARTstor interface to be cut-off in some areas. The following two suggestions will help users avoid this problem.

Add ARTstor as a “Trusted Site.”
When opening the Image Viewer window, the bottom row of icons may be covered by the Windows taskbar. Other pages within the ARTstor interface may also be obscured in IE 7. To fix this, simply add to the list of “Trusted Sites.” For step-by-step instructions, please see our online help.

Open ARTstor in a new window instead of a tab.
A new feature of IE 7 is tabbed browsing. Since the ARTstor application launches in a separate window, users may be prompted with a warning when entering the ARTstor Digital Library. The warning will ask if you want to close the current window. We recommend answering “yes” to this question which will prompt ARTstor to fully open in a new window.

If you encounter any trouble using IE 7 with ARTstor, we also recommend that you clear both your Java and browser caches. You will find detailed information posted in ARTstor’s online help describing how to clear the caches for a variety of browsers and Java versions. Please feel free to consult the following links for instructions and screen grabs:

If after clearing your caches, you still experience ARTstor performance problems, please email ARTstor User Services ( and we will work with you to troubleshoot the problem.