Did you know that you can share ARTstor images or image groups with students or colleagues from your course website or presentations? Each image in ARTstor has a stable URL associated with it. In addition, the image groups you create have stable URLs. The URLs can be emailed, embedded in Word or PowerPoint documents, or added as a link to online syllabi or to a list of resources on a course website.

When users click on the image URL that you provide, the ARTstor Image Viewer will open to display that particular image. Users can then zoom into the image, print it, analyze the data, or save it just as they would if they were using the Image Viewer while inside the ARTstor Digital Library. Because the URL will actually connect the user to ARTstor, users need to access ARTstor through a valid IP address (on-campus or through a proxy server/VPN), or by logging in to an ARTstor account.

For more information and step-by-step instruction, please see our online “Courseware Guide:” http://www.artstor.org/info/using_artstor/teach/courseware_guide.jsp.