ARTstor recently announced that it had reached an agreement to digitize, at very high resolution, the entire ART on FILE archive of images, which will be made available as part of the ARTstor Digital Library. ART on FILE is a primary supplier of images to libraries and visual resources collections supporting teaching programs in contemporary architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and public art.

ARTstor is also sponsoring new photographic campaigns by Rob Wilkinson and Colleen Chartier of ART on FILE. ARTstor is pleased to announce that an additional 308 images from this campaign are now available through the ARTstor Digital Library. These additions are focused on architecture of Los Angeles and Chicago; they bring the total number of images in this collection to over 900.

To locate these images in the ARTstor Digital Library most readily, search for the phrase “Art on File.” You can also find these images from the ARTstor welcome page. Click on “Image Gallery” and choose “Contemporary Architecture, Urban Design and Public Art from the ART on FILE Collection” to view all the images in this collection.