ARTstor is compatible with most commonly used browsers on both the PC and Mac platforms. Following is an updated list on browser compatibility and setting recommendations. You may also want to view our updated technical specifications on the ARTstor wesbite.

PC Platform

  • Microsoft IE 6.0
  • Microsoft IE 7.0
    • Add “ as a trusted site.
  • Firefox 1.0+
  • PWB 2.05+

Mac Platform

  • Safari 1.2+
    • Safari is the recommended browser for ARTstor users on a Mac.
  • FireFox 1.0+
    • On machines running OS 10.2, FireFox version 1.0 is the only browser that is compatible with the ARTstor Digital Library. We recommend that you either install this older version of FireFox or use Safari.
  • Netscapte 6.0+

Please contact with any questions.