ARTstor participants that also use ProQuest CSA can now discover ARTstor content through the CSA Illumina platform. CSA Discovery Links allow researchers and students to link out and discover alternative content related to their research. Subscription administrators can elect to activate Discovery Links and include ARTstor within Discovery Links results for users at your institution.

Once you activate Discovery Links and add ARTstor as a resource to be included, users that initiate a search within the “Arts and Humanities” subject area will be able to see ARTstor results in the Discovery Links window. Thumbnails and basic information for the first ten ARTstor results will be displayed. When users click on the image or the link, they will connect to ARTstor and open the image in the ARTstor image viewer. If the users are working remotely and not connected through the institution’s proxy server, they will be prompted to enter an ARTstor email address and password to view the image.

Use the following instructions to activate Discovery Links from ProQuest CSA. If you have any questions, please contact ProQuest CSA support at If you have any questions about ARTstor, please contact user services at

Instructions for activating Discovery Links in CSA Illumina:

  1. Login to the Administrative Profile Module with your ProQuest CSA Illumina username and password: CSA Administrative Profile Module
  2. Under the ‘Profile’ tab, click on the ‘Resource Options’ tab
  3. Click on the Discovery Links tab
  4. Select the Discovery Resources that you would like to present to your users
  5. Click ‘Submit Changes’ button to activate Discovery Links