ARTstor is pleased to announce the first release from Sarah Quill’s photographic archive. For more than 30 years, Sarah Quill has been photographing the buildings and civic life of Venice. Her marvelous photographs have been reproduced in innumerable books and articles devoted to subjects ranging from the architecture of the Italian Renaissance to architectural conservation and cultural heritage policy, as well as in her own publications, including Ruskin’s Venice: The Stones Revisited. Through this agreement, ARTstor will digitize up to 10,000 slides from Sarah Quill’s unique archive.

This first release includes approximately 200 photographs of architecture in Venice. ARTstor will release subsequent batches over the coming years.

To locate these images in the ARTstor Digital Library, simply perform a basic search with the following phrase, “sarah quill.” You may also browse to view all the images included in this collection. From the welcome page, click on “Image Gallery” then choose “Architecture of Venice (Sarah Quill)” from the resulting list.