ARTstor is pleased to announce that images in the second, and final, release of the Library of Congress “Eyes of the Nation” collection is now available in the ARTstor Digital Library. This brings the total number of images in this collection to over 5,000 images. The collection in ARTstor includes many of the 500 images found in the “Eyes of the Nation” publication, as well as images found in the accompanying CD.

Eyes of the Nation: A Visual History of the United States,” published 1997, provides a pictorial overview of American history including images of prints, posters, maps, manuscript pages, photographs, design, movie stills, and cartoons. The images found in the book were selected from the Library of Congress to “show how Americans have viewed themselves, and have been viewed by others, in the course of this great work-in-progress that is the United States” (“Eyes of the Nation”, preface).

Used in K-12 curriculum since 1997, this collection will be valuable for all scholars and teachers of American Studies, art history, and other disciplines. This core collection of American images from the Library of Congress reflects ARTstor’s commitment to respond actively to evolving pedagogical and research interests.

To locate these images in the ARTstor Digital Library, simply perform a basic search with the following phrase, “eyes of the nation.” Users may also browse to view all the images included in this collection. From the welcome page, click on “Image Gallery” then choose “Eyes of the Nation: A visual history of the United States (Library of Congress)” from the resulting list.