ARTstor recently announced a collaboration with Art Resource and Scala Archives (Florence, Italy). Through this collaboration, ARTstor will ultimately make available approximately 12,000 high quality images of European art and architecture, with a special focus on the archaeology, art and architecture of Italy and on the collections of the major museums in Italy and other European countries.

We are pleased to announce that we have released additional images of major Italian and other European work from Scala Archives, bringing the total number of Scala images now available to ARTstor users to approximately 7,800.

Please note that we are hard at work clustering these superior images with other ARTstor images that depict the same works of art. ARTstor clustering helps users find the optimal image of a given work of art. For an example of ARTstor clustering, please search for “Raphael Disputa Scala.”

More information about this collection can be found in the Italian and other European Art (Scala Archives) collection page.

To browse these new ARTstor images, click on “Image Gallery” from the ARTstor “welcome page” and then select “Italian and European Art from Scala Archives.” Or simply search such keyword phrases “Scala Florence” or (for an individual artist) “Scala Vasari” etc.