ARTstor is pleased to announce the first release of images to the Community Murals Collection in the ARTstor Digital Library. This release includes over 1,800 images from Timothy Drescher’s photographic archive including images depicting contemporary community murals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

Collected over the course of several decades, Drescher’s archive contains over 5,000 images of community murals from across the United States. Since these outdoor wall paintings are situated within living communities, exposed to the elements, many of the murals that Drescher photographed have been subsequently altered or destroyed. In curating a selection of images from his personal archive, as well as others that he has collected, Drescher has emphasized the documentation of entire murals, as well as details, photographs showing context, and depictions of mural processes. Drescher has also provided cataloging information for each image in the collection.

More information about this collection see the Community Murals Collection (Timothy Drescher) collection page.

Because of copyright considerations, this collection is currently available to participating institutions located in the United States and their Authorized Users. We will keep the ARTstor user community apprised of any developments that would allow us to distribute this collection worldwide.