To optimize the performance of Offline Image Viewer (OIV) when using local images, we recommend you increase the program’s local memory. OIV is a memory-intensive program, since it manipulates large image files. Therefore, you can improve OIV’s performance by devoting more computer memory to running the program.

To do this, choose “Edit” in the OIV toolbar. Or on a Mac, choose the “ARTstor OIV” toolbar menu. Select “Preferences,” then the “Memory” or “Memory Usage” tab. The default setting is 256Mb. You may use the scroll bar to increase the memory to as much as 1GB. We recommend that you increase the memory setting to use 50 percent of your installed memory, and caution against increasing the memory to more than 70 percent of installed memory. Click “ok” to close this window. You will then need to restart OIV for the new settings to take effect.

For more information about using OIV please see our Online Help.