ARTstor is pleased to announce the addition of approximately 9,000 new images to the ARTstor Digital Library from the Frick Art Reference Library. Selections from the Art Reference Library are represented in two ARTstor collections. The A.C. Cooper and Related Archives is updated with 5,026 new images with a particular focus on paintings, but also including prints and drawings. This current release from the Sansoni Archive contains an additional 4,779 images documenting paintings, fresco cycles, and other forms of architectural decoration throughout Italy.

The Frick Art Reference Library was founded by Helen Clay Frick in 1920 “to encourage and develop the study of the fine arts, and to advance the general knowledge of kindred subjects.” Today, it is one of the outstanding art history libraries in the United States. In addition to a book collection relating to the European and American fine arts and decorative arts from the 4th to the mid-20th century, the library also houses an extensive photographic research archive. The Photo archive now holds over one million photographs that document the work of over 36,000 artists.

For more information about these collections, see the A.C. Cooper and Related Archives (Frick Art Reference Library) and the Sansoni Archive (Frick Art Reference Library) pages on our website.

To browse these images, please click on “Image Gallery” on the ARTstor “Welcome Page” and then select “A.C. Cooper and Related Archives (Frick Art Reference Library)” or “ Sansoni Archive (Frick Art Reference Library).” Or search “frick cooper” or “frick sansoni.”