We are very pleased to announce that over 95% of the images in the ARTstor Digital Library are now available for download at 1024 pixels on the long side.

In response to feedback from our user community, and as a result of the relationships that we have been building with content owners, we are now making available approximately 95% of the images in the Digital Library available for larger download at 1024 pixels on the long side. This new download capacity is part of ARTstor’s ongoing effort to facilitate broad access to digital images for teaching and scholarship. Users will be permitted to download these large JPEG images for use in classroom presentation and for other noncommercial, educational uses in the software environment of their choice. Users can also continue to download images at up to 3200 pixels for offline presentations by using the ARTstor Offline Image Viewer (OIV).

Thanks to ARTstor content contributors

The ARTstor Digital Library includes more than 80 collections totaling more than 700,000 images. These collections have been added to the library because the images have noted teaching or research value, or because the community has asked for a particular body of content. ARTstor works with a range of individual photographers, scholars, artists and artists’ estates, museums, library special collections, and photo archives, and we are committed to continued development to enhance the quality of ARTstor’s services, collections, images, and data. Because of the relationships that we and the community have been building between content owners and educational users of images, and the shared interest in developing a broad and diverse image resource for teaching in the arts and humanities, content contributors for the ARTstor Library responded positively to users’ needs. We want to express our appreciation to our content providers, and to the broader community for its willingness to help build these relationships and to improve the ARTstor Library.