ARTstor and the Art and Art History Department at the University of Texas, Austin have collaborated on a project to digitize and distribute approximately 4,700 teaching slides from Professor Jacqueline Barnitz’s collection. Over the course of her career, Barnitz has been a formative influence in shaping the study of Modern Latin American Art, and establishing it as a part of the core art history curriculum.

This second release contains the final 800 images. This collaboration aims to provide teachers, students and scholars with a core teaching collection in the area of Modern Latin American art, and to help ensure that this important subject is properly represented within the emerging digital canon. In reaching this agreement, Dr. Barnitz expressed her enthusiasm in collaborating with ARTstor to advance the cause of the study and teaching of Modern Latin American Art. “It will, at long last, help to situate the modern art of Latin America as a field into the mainstream of western art history where it belongs.”

To browse these new ARTstor images, from ARTstor’s Welcome Page click on “Image Gallery” and then select “Modern Latin American Art (Jacqueline Barnitz, Art and Art History Department, The University of Texas at Austin).” Or search the keywords “barnitz austin.”

For more information, please view the collection page online.

Because of copyright considerations, the majority of this collection is currently only available to participating institutions located in the United States and their Authorized Users. We will keep the ARTstor user community apprised of any developments that would allow us to distribute this collection worldwide.