The ARTstor Digital Library serves users both within the arts and in disciplines outside of the arts. Whether you are writing academic papers or giving classroom presentations, the ARTstor Digital Library contains material relevant to a broad range of academic disciplines such as Anthropology, History, Theater and Dance, Women’s Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and many more.

ARTstor images may be used to enhance the visual impact of your scholarship and/or teaching such as illustrating an historical event with a period photograph, or a foreign culture with an anthropological object, To assist users in fields outside of Art and Art History, ARTstor has prepared a series of Interdisciplinary Uses handouts that highlight our collections related to a variety of disciplines:

  • African-American Studies
  • American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Architecture & Architectural History
  • Asian Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • Design & Decorative Arts
  • History
  • Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Literary Studies
  • Maps, Charts & Graphs
  • Medieval Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Music History
  • Native American Studies
  • Photography
  • Religious Studies
  • Renaissance Studies
  • Theater & Dance
  • Women’s Studies

You can find links for these handouts on our website at Each PDF document lists ARTstor collections that are pertinent to each field of study, as well as searching and browsing strategies for locating specialized materials within the Digital Library.

Once you’ve found relevant content, you can use ARTstor’s high quality digital images in classroom presentations and for other noncommercial, educational uses in the software environment of your choice. The ARTstor Offline Image Viewer (OIV) presentation tool allows users to download images up to 3200 pixels to create digital slide shows. In addition, users can now download large JPEG images (up to 1024 pixels) for use in word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, or in presentation software such as PowerPoint and Keynote. For more information about downloading ARTstor images, please see our web help page: