Artstor is very pleased to announce that it has now signed an Online Art Agreement (OLA) with the Artists Rights Society (ARS) that allows Artstor to distribute worldwide images of works represented by European rights organizations affiliated with ARS. The agreement will significantly expand Artstor’s coverage of modern and contemporary artworks by European artists.

As a result of this agreement, Artstor will be releasing in the upcoming weeks approximately 11,000 images of works by the ARS-affiliate artists. A small sample of European artists covered by this agreement include: Pierre Alechinsky, Eduardo Arroyo, Francis Bacon, Max Beckmann, Emile Bernard, Constantin Brancusi, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Jean Helion, Louis Icart, El Lissitzky, Aristide Maillol, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Joan Miró, László Moholy-Nagy, Otto Müller, Edvard Munch, Francis Picabia, Adam Rzepka, Andres Segovia, Ángel Masip Soriano, Antoni Tàpies, Victor Vasarely, and Emil Wachter.

ARS is a preeminent copyright, licensing, and monitoring organization for visual artists in the United States and represents the intellectual property rights interests of many visual artists and estates of visual artists (such as painters, sculptors, architects, and others). ARS has relationships with over 30 sister organizations that represent visual artists in other countries. Through the agreement reached between ARS and Artstor, Artstor will be making available worldwide images of works by artists represented by the following affiliates of ARS, including:

  • Bildkunst of Germany
  • Beeldrecht of the Netherlands
  • BONO of Norway
  • BUS of Sweden
  • Copydan of Denmark
  • DACS of the United Kingdom
  • Prolitteris of Switzerland
  • SIAE of Italy
  • VEGAP of Spain
  • SABAM of Belgium

Artstor previously reached agreement with ARS in 2005 and its affiliated organization in France, ADAGP in 2007. This new agreement represents our ongoing effort to work with the visual arts community to expand access to these important works for teaching, research, and study.