David Wade has partnered with Artstor to distribute approximately 1,500 images of Islamic art in the Digital Library. These images illustrate patterns and design features found throughout the Islamic world, from the Middle East and Europe to Central and South Asia. The collection has been drawn from Wade’s photographic archive of over 4,000 images, which he has made available on his website, Pattern in Islamic Art. In addition to works photographed during his travels, Wade has supplemented the collection with drawings and diagrams produced for his various publications. These additional materials reflect Wade’s particular interest in symmetry and geometry. They illustrate common patterns, analyzing and breaking them down into their basic geometrical elements, thereby revealing the underlying principles of order and balance in Islamic art. Islamic artists and craftsmen employed these intricate patterns to adorn all types of surfaces, such as stone, brick, plaster, ceramic, glass, metal, wood, and textiles. The collection will contain examples of ornamentation from monumental architecture to the decorative arts.