ARTstor is working with the Franklin Furnace Archives to digitize and distribute images and documentation of events it has presented and produced, with the goal of embedding the value of ephemeral practice into art and cultural history. More than 600 images from the Franklin Furnace Archives are now available through the ARTstor Digital Library.

This collection consists of documentation of artists’ books, performance art, site-specific works, and other time-based ephemeral arts. Since its founding as an “alternative space” in 1976, Franklin Furnace has presented what has come to be known as “variable media” artworks that take on new dimensions in each iteration, varying in their contextual meaning and physical deployment. As such, Franklin Furnace’s institutional archives offer a rare and valuable resource that captures the moment, the artist’s conception, and the historical context in which the work was created. Artists represented in the archive include, among others: Guillaume Bijl, Willie Cole, Karen Finley, Teh-Ching Hsieh, Liza Lou, Robbie McCauley, Ana Mendieta, and Shirin Neshat. There is also documentation of particular performances and exhibitions (e.g., Russian Samizdat art exhibited in 1982).

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For more detailed information about this collection, see the Contemporary Art (Franklin Furnace Archives) collection page.