Using ARTstor large file-size images for teaching
Using ARTstor large file-size images for teaching
ARTstor images are available for use in presentations for educational or other noncommercial uses in the software environment of your choice. High quality digital images — large sized JPEG files —can be projected either in the ARTstor online environment or in a variety of offline environments such as OIV, PowerPoint and Keynote. Users can download a full image at 1024 pixels on the long side or pan and zoom to needed details and download the saved detail at 1024 as well.

ARTstor users can also use the Offline Image Viewer (OIV) presentation tool to create digital slide show presentations. OIV enables side–by–side comparisons, zooming and panning on-the-fly, and the ability to customize text on each presentation slide. Users can download images at up to 3200 pixels for offline presentations by using OIV.

Integrating ARTstor with Courseware
Instructors can share ARTstor content with students through campus courseware systems, such as BlackBoard, WebCT, Sakai, or Moodle. You can upload images, provide URLs to link students to individual images or entire image groups, or share OIV presentation files. Our courseware guide explains how ARTstor content can be shared through courseware systems. More

Export image citations to citation management software
Citation management software is used to manage citations and create bibliographies. You can create image lists in ARTstor and export the image citations directly to RefWorks, EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager. You may also share lists of ARTstor images with others by printing, emailing, or downloading the citation list. More

Interactive features of ARTstor
ARTstor contains many interactive features that allow instructors and students to communicate within the ARTstor environment. Instructors may share image groups with students by creating password-protected (shared) folders. Students can unlock an instructor’s shared folder to view the instructor’s image groups, analyze images and metadata, study, and annotate images.

Instructors can also create student work folders associated with instructor shared folders. Student work folders give students a place to create image groups, add comments to images, and share this work with the instructor. More