Artstor is collaborating with Deepanjana Danda Klein to share her archive of approximately 6,000 photographs relating to the architecture and sculpture of the rock-cut cave temples at Ellora in Maharashtra, India. These 34 Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain caves were excavated from a two-kilometer stretch of rock cliff between the sixth and tenth centuries C.E. An initial release of more than 1,100 images is now available in the Digital Library. This first set focuses on the Buddhist caves (Nos. 1-12), the earliest structures at Ellora, dating from 500 to 700 C.E. Subsequent releases will include the 17 Hindu caves (Nos. 13-29), built between 600 and 870 C.E., which form the center of the complex. The Hindu caves are grouped around the famous Kailasa Temple (No. 16), which represents the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. Finally, there are the five Jain caves (Nos. 30-34) dating from 800 to 1000 C.E. Klein’s work at Ellora represents the first systematic photographic campaign of the entire site, including photography of previously undocumented caves.

Klein collaborated with Professor Walter Spink from the University of Michigan, who noted: “Due to the knowledge, energy, and technical expertise of Dr. Deepanjana Danda Klein and the enthusiastic cooperation of her husband, Dr. Arno Klein, scholars now finally have a truly comprehensive photographic coverage of this great site’s varied Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain material.”

All photographs were taken by Arno Klein and annotations for these images are based on Professor Spin’s notes from the site. These materials will be published in a forthcoming volume on the Ellora cave temples. Klein is a Specialist in the Modern & Contemporary Indian Art Department at Christie’s. She has a Ph.D. in Indian art history from De Montfort University (DMU) and has taught art history, theory, and aesthetics at the School of Architecture at DMU, Leicester and at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies in Mumbai.

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