You will now find two new icons in ARTstor’s online environment that are intended to enhance discovery and use of images in our collections. Icons used on the search results screen help you identify and act on special features related to an image. The two new icons are:

  • i-cluster Duplicates & Details: Explore ARTstor “clusters” – groups comprised of duplicates and details centered around lead images that are chosen for their high quality.
  • i-collab-filter Associated Images: Discover the collective preferences of ARTstor users by exploring which images are most frequently used and associated with others in ARTstor image groups.

While we have been signaling ARTstor clusters for some time, the icon itself for Duplicates & Details has been updated. The second icon – for finding Associated Images – is an entirely new feature. Just as Amazon “recommends” other books that are often purchased by the same people who purchased the book you are buying, ARTstor will now be able to inform you (in ranked order) of the other images people are using in image groups with the image you have found (while maintaining users’ privacy by not indicating who is using those images). In this way ARTstor users will be collaboratively sharing their knowledge, making it easier for the newcomer to an image to follow paths that are built off of our collective arguments. Implementing this feature is one effort in our ongoing focus on getting you not simply a large number of results, but rather getting you to the results you actually need and find useful.