The Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art is partnering with Artstor to distribute approximately 800 images of Islamic and South Asian art from the collection at Shangri La. This first release of images brings more than 200 images to the Digital Library of museum objects, including decorative arts and textiles. The complete collection will feature Indian jewelry and enamels; Syrian, Indian, Spanish, and Persian furniture, doors, and ceilings; Persian and Turkish tile panels and portable ceramics; and Central Asian, Persian, Turkish, and Indian textiles.

Duke developed a lifelong interest in Islamic art during her travels to Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, India, and other countries. She was particularly interested in decorative arts of the 17th through 19th centuries, especially those of the Ottoman, Mughal, Safavid, and Qajar dynasties, and additionally commissioned art from contemporary Muslim artists. Over the course of nearly 60 years, Duke amassed approximately 3,500 objects, dating from 1500 BCE through the 20th century CE. Shangri La is owned and supported by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, as a center for Islamic arts and cultures.

For more detailed information about this collection, visit the Shangri La Collection page.

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