Artstor has recently added more than 4,700 images from the University of Michigan Asian Art Photographic Distribution (AAPD) to the Digital Library. This release consists of Chinese painting, sculpture, and decorative arts (primarily bronzes and jades), as well as Japanese painting and prints. The completed collection is expected to total approximately 9,600 and will include images of Chinese painting, sculpture, bronzes and ceramics, Central Asian Art, and Japanese painting.

AAPD was established in 1970 as a not-for-profit distributor of visual resource materials of Chinese art. Color photography was introduced in 1975 to document various public collections and exhibitions. By 1978, AAPD had expanded its scope to include Japanese paintings and traveling exhibitions, as well as private and public collections. Most of these images were documented in connection with thematic exhibitions, often with multiple details of individual works. As a result, the archive draws on important permanent collections from a range of museums, as well as major loan exhibitions.

Through an initial collaboration with the American Council for Southern Asian Art, more than 12,000 images from the University of Michigan’s ACSAA Color Slide Project have already been added to Artstor.

For more detailed information about this collection, visit the Asian Art Photographic Distribution (University of Michigan) collection page.

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