The Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut, has collaborated with Artstor to make approximately 18,000 images related to the ancient sites of Dura-Europos in Syria and Gerasa (modern Jerash) in Jordan available in the Digital Library. The collection in Artstor consists of images from the Gallery’s extensive photographic archives, which provide historical documentation of both expeditions as well as the artifacts and structures unearthed during the excavations. Through this partnership, the Yale University Art Gallery will also contribute approximately 1,200 images of objects from its permanent collection to the Digital Library.

To view the Dura-Europos and Gerasa Archives (Yale University): go to the Artstor Digital Library, browse by collection, and click “Dura-Europos and Gerasa Archives (Yale University).” Or search the keywords: yale dura europos OR yale gerasa .

For more detailed information about this collection, visit the Dura-Europos and Gerasa Archives (Yale University) collection page.

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