Artstor is collaborating with the School of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Dalhousie University to share approximately 250 images of architecture by Le Corbusier in the Digital Library. The images have been selected from a collection of slides donated to Dalhousie University by the family of Paul Jobin, an architectural draftsman, which are housed in the School of Architecture’s Slide Library. The collection includes documentation of a number of sites in France, including: Ozenfant House and Studio, Paris; Villa La Roche-Jeanneret, Paris; Villa Cook, Boulogne; Palais du Peuple, Paris; Cité de Refuge, Paris; Pavillon Suisse, Cité Universitaire, Paris; Unité d’Habitation, Marseilles; Maisons Jaoul, Neuilly-sur-Seine; Couvent Sainte Marie de la Tourette, Eveux; Maison du Bresil, Cité Universitaire, Paris; Unité d’Habitation, Firminy; Maison de la Culture, Firminy; and Municipal Pool, Firminy.

For more detailed information about this collection, visit the Le Corbusier (Dalhousie University) collection page.

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