More than 250 images of Iznik ceramics from the Ottoman period photographed by Walter Denny are now available in the ARTstor Digital Library.

Ottoman plate with female figure, ca. 1660-70. Athens, Benaki  Museum. Source Image and original data provided by Walter B. Denny.

Professors Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair (Boston College), Professor Walter B. Denny (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), and ARTstor have collaborated on the digitization and distribution of more than 19,000 high quality digital images of the art and architecture of Islam from the personal archives of this team of leading scholar photographers. Walter B. Denny’s primary field of teaching and research is the art and architecture of the Islamic world, in particular the artistic traditions of the Ottoman Turks, Islamic carpets and textiles, and issues of economics and patronage in Islamic art. Sheila Blair’s major areas of research are Islamic art, especially the arts of Iran and Central Asia, the art and architecture produced under the Mongols, calligraphy and books. Jonathan Bloom’s primary areas of research include Islamic art and architecture, the history of paper, and art in the medieval Mediterranean world.

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For more detailed information about this collection, visit Islamic Art and Architecture Collection (Sheila Blair, Jonathan Bloom, Walter Denny) collection page.

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