Charles Emile Carlègle and John Redfern,  “Le Cachemire Vert - Robe du soir, de Redfern” (1912)

Charles Emile Carlègle (illustrator) and John Redfern (costume designer), “Le Cachemire Vert - Robe du soir, de Redfern,” plate IX from Gazette du Bon Ton, Volume 1, No. 1, November 1912. Minneapolis College of Art and Design, image and catalog data provided by Allan T. Kohl.

The Redfern robe du soir illustrated in this early fashion magazine is representative of the couture designs of the Belle Époque in France, the Edwardian Era in the United Kingdom, and the Gilded Age in the United States. Although this was published in November of 1912 – seven months after the Titanic sank – one can imagine many first-class women wearing similar evening gowns when rescued. It is likely that some were wearing designs by international couturière Lucile, Lady Duff Gordon, who herself made a controversial escape with her husband from the ill-fated luxury liner.

Kristine Heid-Santiago, ARTstor Metadata Associate