The Artstor Digital Library is collaborating with Rhizome to share approximately 3,000 images from the Rhizome ArtBase, a leading archive of digital and new media art.Founded in 1996 as an intimate email list subscribed to by some of the first artists to work online, Rhizome has played an integral role in the history, definition and growth of art engaged with the Internet and networked technologies. Today a robust nonprofit affiliated with the New Museum, Rhizome’s programs support the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology. Rhizome’s programs include commissions, exhibitions, publishing, and preservation.The ArtBase is a Web-based archive of works that employ technologies in significant ways and contains more than 2,500 artworks by artists from around the world who use materials such as code, software, websites, games, and browsers to aesthetic and critical ends.
Rhizome’s contribution to Artstor will include works from notable new media artists including: JODI, collaborators Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, who were among the first to explore the Web as a creative medium; Casey Reas, a creator of complex, algorithmically-programmed data visualizations and co-founder of Processing, a trailblazing computer programming language designed specifically for artistic implementations; Olia Lialina, a leading theorist and net artist; and Cory Arcangel, known for his modifications of video games and one of the youngest artists to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.