Preah Khan; Exterior, ca. 12th century. Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Photographer: John Stubbs/World Monuments Fund

ARTstor Digital Library has released nearly 1,000 images of important architecture, cultural heritage sites, and monuments from the World Monuments Fund (WMF). Among the sites currently available in the Digital Library are Easter Island (Chile), St. Paul’s Cathedral (London, England), Pompeii (Italy), Babylon (Iraq), Maya Sites of the Yucatan Peninsula (Yucatan, Mexico), Imperial Buddhist Convents (Nara and Kyoto, Japan), Brancusi Ensemble (Târgu-Jiu, Romania), Hagia Sophia (Istanbul, Turkey), and Ellis Island (New York and New Jersey, United States)

World Monuments Fund is the leading independent organization dedicated to saving the world’s most treasured places. Since 1965, in more than 90 countries, WMF experts have applied proven techniques to preserve important architectural and cultural heritage sites. Through partnerships with local communities, funders, and governments, the organization inspires an enduring commitment to stewardship for future generations. Every two years WMF publishes the World Monuments Watch, drawing international attention to cultural heritage sites around the world threatened by neglect, vandalism, armed conflict, commercial development, natural disasters, and climate change. Through the World Monuments Watch, WMF fosters community support for the protection of endangered sites, and attracts technical and financial support for the sites. The collection in ARTstor consists of images documenting various Watch List sites and monuments, with a particular focus on art and architecture.

For more detailed information about this collection, visit the World Monuments Fund collection webpage.

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