Indian | Cave 16, Kailasa Temple, Rear | Exterior from southeast |Maharashtra, Aurangabad District, Ellora, India | Data from: The American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA) | Photo: © Asian Art Archives, University of Michigan

I chose this image from the Ellora archaeological site, a series of 34 rock-cut temples, because I think that even more remarkable then the incredible feats of architecture and engineering, it that three religions have managed to worship here in harmony since around the 6th century. This image is of Cave 16, the Kailasanatha Temple, a multi-storied temple complex, carved out of a  single piece of rock, which covers an area twice the size of Parthenon. The temple was designed to recall Mount Kailash, the abode of the Hindu deity Shiva, but it is also sacred to Buddhists and Jainists.

Alexandra Moses, Executive Assistant